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Track Your Truck: 3 benefits of GPS tracking software

March 9, 2015 -  By

Frankly, GPS tracking is not a new trend or technology. But over the years it has become a mainstay for many service companies, including landscaping firms.

To that end, Robert Hall, president of Track Your Truck, narrowed down the top three benefits for landscaping companies to track their vehicles via a fleet management system.

They are as follows.

1. Lower fuel costs

When you implement GPS tracking software on your landscaping vehicles, you have an automatic way to monitor driver behavior and fuel usage. This can help you enforce speeding limits and idling times, so you know your team members aren’t wasting fuel and money by driving too fast and/or carelessly. It also can help you implement the best routes, so your team isn’t wasting gas mileage getting lost or taking the long way to a destination. What’s more, GPS tracking can alert you to vehicle maintenance needs so expenses don’t get out of hand through negligence. Bottom line: GPS tracking improves your management of company cars and trucks, reducing costs in the process.

2. Automated dispatching

Any time you can automate a time-consuming process, you save your business time, hassle and costs. Rather than requiring you or dispatchers to manually contact workers and schedule appointments, fleet management software allows you to assign jobs through a scheduling tool. Your landscape professionals also can update job statuses from out on the field, sending automatic updates to you.

3. Improved operations

One of the toughest facets of managing a team of employees who are out of the office all day is knowing what’s happening and when. GPS tracking solves this problem, as data are sent to you automatically and in real time. This way you can see how employees are performing ­individually and as a whole. Software allows you to set specific goals for workers and track their progress, such as number of jobs, time spent on each mowing project or tasks completed on a given day. Over time, this kind of intel will help you improve operations and streamline the way you work.

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