Upgraded features to Boss software offer tools to boost company growth

May 10, 2022 -  By

The Integra Group has rolled out a new global release of its Boss software that provides landscape contractors and snow removal professionals the tools to overcome barriers to growth and improve profitability.

Highlights from the Spring 2022 Boss upgrades include:

  • Enhanced credit card integration (version 9.8): Added features include a partnership with credit card payment processor Clover-Connect. Boss said this partnership allows users to receive payments quicker, increases cash flow and improves P&L performance. Users can also set up ACH payment plans for clients to make renewal process easier for yearly or seasonal service contracts.
  • Route optimization (version 9.7.1): This feature gives users the ability to establish efficient and profitable routes for your crews. Contractors can define route information and receive a recommendation on how best to schedule the work for maximum results.

“Adding these new features expands the business benefits Boss provides to our clients,” said Mike Cossins, president and founder of The Integra Group, developer of Boss Software. “After serving the landscaping and snow industry for 18 years, Boss is unmatched in the depth of industry intelligence built into it. Boss is indeed built by your industry for your industry.”

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