Valent Professional Products: Clipper Aquatic Herbicide

February 27, 2013 -  By
logo: Clipper Aquatic Herbicide

Clipper Aquatic Herbicide is now available for use by lawn care operators. Clipper controls many tough aquatic plants including duckweed and watermeal, and has activity on some algae. It’s easy to handle, easy to mix and easy to apply. It also provides consistent results: Activity is observed within three to five days after application. Available in a convenient new 1-lb. package, Clipper dissipates quickly from the water column and does not accumulate in the sediment. It has minimal irrigation restrictions and does not require perfect coverage for maximum results. Available as a water dispersible granule for easy mixing, transport and application, Clipper can be easily applied to small ponds with a backpack sprayer from the shoreline.

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