Willis Extendables introduces utility trailers

April 24, 2019 -  By
Willis Trailers' single-axle extendable utility trailer with pressure-treated wood floors.

Willis Extendables‘ single-axle extendable utility trailer with pressure-treated wood floors. Photo: Willis Extendables¬†

Willis Extendables introduced a line of extendable utility trailers. All of the units are heavy-duty, rental-quality trailers with a replaceable front end.

If the front end of the trailer is damaged, it can be removed and replaced. All other components of the trailer have the same capability. Any parts that need to be replace due to damage will be covered by auto insurance, the company said.

The units range from single-axle, 3,500-lb. load capacity with pressure-treated wood floors to 5,500-lb. load capacity with dual axles. These trailers are ideal for the landscaping industry, the rental market and the power sports market.

Every trailer can be stopped using the brakes it comes equipped with, or the wheel chocks, which can also be used to store the trailer. This stopping feature is unique to Willis, the company said. Each trailer opens in less than 30 seconds.

Willis will soon be introducing a 14-foot trailer with 7,500-lbs. of load capacity to the market.

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