WSDA certifies Growth Products pH Reducer

April 30, 2015 -  By
growth_products Photo: Growth Products

Growth Products’ pH reducer has an acidic pH of 1.5. Photo: Growth Products

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) certified Growth Products’ pH Reducer as a registered material for use in organic agriculture. The product is now included on the list of products the WSDA has determined comply with the National Organic Standards.

According to the company, the pH Reducer is a 100 percent organic citric acid solution designed for use on all vegetable, herb, field and permanent crops. Serving as an alternative to corrosive acids, the pH Reducer lowers the pH of soilless media and water, acts as a buffer in the mixing tank, and penetrates the soil quickly with its natural wetting agent.

The reducer, which has an acidic pH of 1.5, comes in 30 and 55 gallon drums. It is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides, reports Growth Products.


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