Billy Goat Industry: OS901SPS

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The newly enhanced Billy Goat OS901SPS includes a new blade design that reduces thatch and improves blade life, thanks to its sharpened leading edge and attack angle—combined with a new foot-actuated height adjust that raises and lowers the reel and provides more blade depth. The 22-in.-wide overseeder is hydrostatically self-propelled to reduce fatigue associated with pushing, and features best-in-class, intuitive right and left operator drive controls. Its exclusive, 11-blade “floating head” cutting system maintains contact with the contours of uneven ground, increasing seed-to-soil contact and improving germination rates. An exclusive Auto Drop system automatically starts and stops seed drop with bale engagement and disengagement, conserving seed and preventing end-of-run seed piling. The unit comes standard with a 30-lb. seed box and is elevated above the turf to eliminate clogging.  Conversion kits are available to retrofit the OS900SPS series with the new enhancements.

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