Billy Goat launches demo campaign for reciprocating aerator lineup

April 21, 2015 -  By

billy_goat_new_logoBilly Goat Industries launched a demo campaign for contractors and landscapers to test out its reciprocating aerator lineup.

According to the company, the reciprocating aerators allow in-ground turning that reduces operator fatigue, fewer tines and variable aeration density.

Billy Goat’s cam-driven reciprocating PLUGR commercial aerators include the PL2500H 25-in. mechanical drive model and the PL2500SPH 25-in. hydro-drive self-propelled model. The PL2500H delivers up to 42,550 sq. ft per hour, and the PL2500SPH delivers up to 35,000 sq. ft. per hour, reports the company.

In addition, the One & Done 30-in. hydrostatic reciprocating aerator runs up to 4.3 mph and features Flextech arms, in-ground steering and hydro-drive controls. It completes quarter acre aerations in as little as 15 minutes, says the company, and has the ability to patch, repair and seed in one pass.

Contractors who are interested in testing the equipment may contact the manufacturer at  800-776-7690.

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