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Maintaining aerators

May 14, 2019By
Man aerating (Photo: Exmark)

Spring and early fall are busy times for aerators. Proper maintenance is important to ensure aerators are ready during these short windows of time. “For most lawn care operators (LCOs), aerators do not run every day — they sit stationary waiting for their season to start and quickly end,” says Brandon King, an engineer for Billy Goat Industries. “The season... read more

SafetyWatch: Aerator operating hazards

August 23, 2018By

There are several types of operating hazards that may occur when running an aerator. Personal hazards are hazards that may harm you, the operator. Bystander hazards are hazards that may harm co-workers or other bystanders. Property hazards may harm the equipment or other property. Don’t leave an aerator unattended. Always park it on flat ground when not in use. The... read more

Exmark rolls out 24-inch stand-on aerator

February 21, 2018By

Exmark recently introduced its 24-inch stand-on aerator. “We designed the 24-inch aerator to make quick work of small or gated properties. Because it fits through 36-inch gates, the new machine brings stand-on productivity to properties that used to require a walk-behind machine,” said Lloyd von Scheliha, Exmark product manager. The increased efficiency of the dual-hydro drive system reduces horsepower requirements, while... read more

Billy Goat: Reciprocating Aerators

March 16, 2017By

Billy Goat’s reciprocating aerators include the PLUGR® 18-in., the PLUGR® 25-in. mechanical or hydro-drive models, or the 30-in. Hydro. Reciprocating aerators have advantages over drum aerators in that they allow for in-ground turning that reduces contractor fatigue; have fewer tines for easy service; and variable aeration density that produces 2-10 times more holes per pass—ideal for patch and repair work—plus... read more

What aerator do you recommend and why?

February 10, 2017By

Rob Elder Owner, Omaha Organics Lawn Care Omaha, Neb. “The Ryan Lawnaire ZTS was a great addition to our fleet. We treat about 18,500,000 sq. ft. of turf per year, so every minute counts. As a hands-on owner and operator, I always dreaded aeration season because it was hard, backbreaking work. The Ryan Lawnaire ZTS is comfortable to run all... read more

A new age of practical aerators

August 29, 2016By

Aerator technology continues to advance, providing landscape pros more efficient machines. After decades of being heavy, slow and difficult to maneuver, aerators are finally being made with the landscape contractor in mind. “This wasn’t the case even 10 years ago when aerators were designed for two primary customers: the dedicated turf care professional and the DIY rental customer,” says Linda... read more