FMC herbicide labeled for use in landscape beds

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FMC Professional Solutions has announced Dismiss herbicide is now labeled for use as selective weed control in containers, around field-grown ornamentals or in landscape beds.

When applied as a directed spray around the base of the plant (not sprayed over the top), the product provides control of yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedge and green kyllinga in 24 to 48 hours, according to FMC.

It attacks weeds on the surface through foliar contact, but also works through root uptake to control sedge tubers underground, reducing new sedge populations the following season.

“Studies have shown that Dismiss reduces the number of yellow nutsedge tubers the following year by 60 percent,” said FMC Herbicide Brand Marketing Manager Adam Manwarren. “This reduces the chance that perennial weeds – or ‘zombie weeds’ – will take hold in nursery or landscape beds.”

Dismiss may be used in established container plants, around field-grown ornamentals or in landscape beds, as well as around newly transplanted containers or field-grown ornamentals after the plants have formed roots and are well established. Tolerant species include arborvitae, rhodeodendron, azalea, holly, Norway spruce, and crape myrtle, among others.



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