Greenworks Commercial adds 2 tools to its 82-volt line

May 1, 2018 -  By
Greenworks Commercial

GHX 200 Pole Hedger

Greenworks Commercial expanded its 82-volt system with two new tools, the GHX 200 pole hedger and the GHD 260 26-inch dedicated hedge trimmer.

“Just as the heavy hedging and pruning season is beginning for most of North America, we are excited to bring landscape pros better performing and more versatile tools than they’ve ever had before,” said Tony Marchese, director of independent retail for Greenworks North America. “Like all of our tools in the 82-volt system, the new pole hedger and hedge trimmer provide users with high performance in an environmentally responsible way.”

The brushless pole hedger includes the following features:

  • 20-inch laser cut dual action blades for 19-millimeter cut capacity;
  • Direct-drive brushless motor to deliver more torque and longer life—3,600 strokes per minute (SPM);
  • Articulating head for easy operation and versatile cutting, with seven adjustable settings from 45 degrees to 90 degrees;
  • An instant-on start switch and variable speed trigger; and
  • Fixed 205-centimeter shaft.

Additionally, the GHX 200 produces five times less vibration than gas-powered competitors, reducing fatigue and extending the workday, according to the company.

Greenworks Commercial

GHD 260 26-inch Dedicated Hedge Trimmer

The lightweight GHD 260 hedge trimmer includes:

  • 26-inch laser cut dual action blades for 1-inch cut capacity;
  • Direct-drive brushless motor for more torque and longer life—3,000 SPM;
  • Plug-in waist/backpack battery design for reduced carry weight; and
  • 360-degree rotating handle.

Like all of the tools included in Greenworks’ 82-volt system, both tools use a proprietary Greenworks Commercial 82-volt lithium-ion battery.

The products will be available through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff Sales, Edney, PACE and Steven Willand independent dealer networks and SiteOne.

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