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Direct mail content and design tips

September 17, 2014 -  By

The landscaping industry now is on track to hit its largest volume ever, roughly $70 billion, after years of demand being affected by the recession and harsh winter weather, according to IBISWorld. The report also has a favorable outlook through 2019, and expects the construction sector to experience a rapid recovery over the next five years.

It’s important to remember that with this growth comes increased competition. With that in mind, creating an effective direct mail strategy is crucial to successfully set yourself apart from your competitors. Consumers love receiving relevant offers in their mail, which gives direct mail the potential to be one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan. Using the right message, targeting the right customer and doing so frequently, will help your ads stand out from the frequent junk mail consumers receive. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your business when developing a direct mail campaign.


To be effective, the offers you send to consumers must be clear, self-explanatory and have a high perceived value. Ads should entice consumers to read further, raise a desire for your product or service, and motivate them to take a specific action.

A specific call-to-action is often an overlooked aspect of ad creation. When creating ad content, remember that consumers are more likely to be interested in an ad when the offer features a specific dollar amount in savings or includes the word “free” rather than a certain percentage off.

It’s also important to include an expiration date to create a sense of urgency for your potential customer to act now. Including QR codes and personalized URLs are also an effective way to drive consumers to your websites and increase interaction. Proper format and content are key elements for increasing the ROI and reaching the ultimate goal of having your target audience use your products or services.


To cater to consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles and limited spare time, ads should be simple, direct and to the point. Avoid overcomplicating and overcrowding the ad by limiting the amount of copy and font types used.

As a best practice, ads should feature no more than three font types, including a large bold font to distinguish the offer, while allowing the company name and key phrases to stand out from the rest of the information.

When it comes to colors, begin by choosing one or two main colors based on your product, image and target audiences. Warm colors are energizing, while cool colors are refreshing and bright colors can help emphasize excitement. The simple addition of color will enhance the appeal of the coupon and make it stand out from the endless number of black and white ads consumers receive.


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