Helping hands: NALP Community Stewardship Award winners

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The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Community Stewardship Award recognizes the association’s members that have demonstrated leadership through their dedication and contribution to the good of 
the community.

Community stewardship is demonstrated by participating in community service projects. These projects may be industry-related, such as Green Care for Troops or improving or maintaining public or school gardens, or non-industry-related, like raising funds for nonprofits or participating in food drives. The common denominator among the winners is the organization’s consistency over at least a three-year period.

Landscape Management is the media sponsor for the Community Stewardship Award and is pleased to showcase these award winners within the pages of this supplement to inspire other landscape industry companies to make their own community contributions.

Award winners

Zaretsky & Associates
Small Green Industry Service Provider
($1 million or less in annual revenue)

Green Oasis by Greener 
Grass Systems
Medium Green Industry Service Provider
($1 million-$5 million in annual revenue)

Jacobsen Landscape 
Design & Construction
Large Green Industry Service Provider
($5 million or more in annual revenue)

Large Green Industry Service Provider
($5 million or more in annual revenue)

Association of Montana Turf, 
Ornamental & Pest Professionals
State Association

Ewing Irrigation Products

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