Irritrol: 550R Series Stainless Steel Rotor

March 17, 2018 -  By

Photo: Irritrol

The Irritrol 550R Series stainless steel rotor delivers basic simplicity and dependable action all in one rotor. The stainless steel stem can provide longer life by reducing the possibility of scoring on the riser in debris heavy environments, which extends rotor life and reduces riser seal leaks and retraction related issues. Additionally, the stainless steel helps deter vandalism, and will look great in the years to come. The rotor also reduces the occurrence of damage to the head in high traffic areas and is ideal for walkways, common areas, and parks.

In addition to the stainless steel riser, the 550R Series rotor has a slip clutch to prevent damage to the head in the event of tampering and vandalism. Finally, the rotor has a five-inch pop up height to overcome tall grass and retrofits into existing competitive rotor footprints without the extra digging.

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