John Deere: Gator XUV560

August 31, 2018 -  By
Photo provided by John Deere.

Gator XUV560. Photo provided by John Deere.

The John Deere Gator XUV560 Crossover Series utility vehicle offers professional landscapers an affordable, comfortable and versatile 4×4 solution. Powered by a 34.8 cu. in. V-twin gasoline engine, the 16-hp Gator swiftly accelerates up to 28 mph, enabling landscapers to quickly get from job to job. With a towing weight of 1,100 lb. and payload capacity of 800 lb., the XUV560 allows professionals to tackle bigger jobs. Additionally, the XUV560 is equipped with an extra-durable, one-piece cargo box that ensures hard-driving performance and longevity.

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