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File folder graphic. Photo illustration: iStock.com/alexsl
Photo illustration: iStock.com/alexsl
File folder graphic
Photo illustration: iStock.com/alexsl

At ASI Landscape Management in Thonotosassa, Fla., the human resources team uses an HR software tool to stay organized when it comes to employee information.

The program, Bamboo HR, tracks employee records like benefits and time off, and it has employee onboarding features.

“It’s an electronic filing system for each and every employee,” HR Generalist Cindy Lara says. “Eventually, we’re trying to go paperless with everything except legal documents. We want this program to store all the employees’ information.”

Lara says she loves how much time it saves her versus using paper files. She also likes the software’s ability to add custom fields that are pertinent to ASI’s business. For instance, the company tracks employee shirt sizes within the software. When it comes time to reorder uniforms, Lara can quickly pull a report rather than ask all 100-plus employees what size they need.

Another feature Lara lauds is the ability to track licenses and certifications. For example, she can export a list of which employees are approved drivers, their driver’s license numbers and license expiration dates. She also has created alerts to let her know when employees’ licenses and certifications will expire, so she can alert them and let their managers know they’ll need renewals for insurance purposes.

The HR team also pulls data from the system for work anniversaries, birthdays and much more.

“We’re trying to tweak it and use it more for what it’s worth,” Lara says.

Featured photo illustration: iStock.com/alexsl

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