Manage irrigation systems remotely with RachioPro

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RachioRachio’s new program RachioPro offers landscaping companies a way to comprehensively manage all the Rachio Iro controllers they have installed from a computer or smart device. The cloud-based software provides real-time updates and allows irrigation systems to be remotely monitored and controlled by both the professional and homeowners.

“The Rachio app allows us to control multiple projects simultaneously and from anywhere,” said Zach Williams of Regenesis Ecological Design in Oregon. “The Iro controller is a continually improving product that has saved us a tremendous amount of time by reducing the need for field service visits and run-time adjustments during changing weather conditions.”

The Rachio Iro received an EPA WaterSense certification, as a result of the measurable water savings the controller delivers. Due to this certification, many municipalities and water districts offer rebates covering up to 100 percent of controller’s cost, the company says. With water crises occurring in California and other states, Rachio said its product is a tool for those looking to conserve water.

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