PBI-Gordon herbicide permitted wider use in California


PBI-Gordon Corp.’s Katana turf herbicide received registration with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, allowing its use as a spot treatment on residential lawns. The herbicide holds Environmental Protection Agency registration and is available in most southern and transition zone states already.

In conjunction with its California registration, it received expanded use directions on professionally managed sports turf. In previous years, Katana had been approved only for “professionally managed college and professional sports fields.”

The labeling permits Katana to be used on golf courses and the following turf areas:

  • industrial parks;
  • tank farms;
  • sod farms;
  • seed farms;
  • cemeteries;
  • professionally managed sports fields;
  • commercial turf; and
  • residential turf (Katana can be applied on up to 10 percent of a residential turf lawn through targeted or spot treatment with spray directed on the weeds).
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