Q&A: Chris Lambton, host of ‘Yard Crashers’ on HGTV

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Chris Lambton, host of Yard Crashers on DIY Network, owner of E. Lambton Landscaping and spokesperson for Greenworks Commercial.

Chris Lambton, host of “Yard Crashers” on DIY Network, owner of E. Lambton Landscaping and spokesperson for Greenworks Commercial.

Chris Lambton doesn’t just play a landscaper on the DIY Network and HGTV, where he hosts the show “Yard Crashers” and has appeared on “Smart Home,” “Dream Home” and “Going Yard.” He also is co-owner of E. Lambton Landscaping, a commercial landscaping company in Cape Cod, Mass. Started by his father, Ed Lambton, in the mid-1990s, the company provides maintenance, installation and snow services to a community of vacation and rental homes. We caught up with Lambton at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., to discuss his partnership with Greenworks Commercial, a battery-powered line of commercial-grade power tools. 

Landscape Management (LM): How did you first get involved with Greenworks?
Chris Lambton (CL): I first came across Greenworks three or four years ago when I was doing the “Today” show and “Good Morning America” and stuff like that. You can’t bring gas-powered equipment into the studios; it’s not allowed. So I found out about Greenworks, and I started using them for those shows. Because they’re battery powered, you’re allowed to use them in studios. That’s when I was like, “You should make me your spokesperson. I love the product.” Now, I’m officially one of their spokespeople with my wife, and we use their line for all of our commercial accounts.

LM: What made you fall in love with Greenworks’ products?
CL: When I first started using the products, I was just looking for good products, like anyone in this industry does. You look for something that’s going to give you an edge and get the job done better. I love the chainsaw; it’s second to none. At the end of the day, I don’t smell like gas—so my wife is happy—and it still gets the job done.

LM: How has the product evolved since you first started using it?
When I first started using it, the line was a lower battery power and not as powerful. It was more residential, like my father-in-law used it at his house. Now the batteries are, literally, four times the size, which means they’re longer lasting and you get more power. So for a commercial line, it’s great. It’s to the point where five days a week I’m using it for commercial accounts.

LM: What’s your favorite part about hosting “Yard Crashers?”
My favorite part is giving people free backyards. At the beginning of the show, their backyards are terrible, and they don’t ever go out there. Then, two days later, they have the best yard on the block and all their friends and neighbors are like, “OK, looks like we’re partying at your house from now on!”

LM: What have you enjoyed about GIE+EXPO so far this year?
GIE is just a great place to walk around, get great ideas and see all the new, innovative products.



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