Readers share reasons to or not to participate in EOPs

September 13, 2021 -  By

A look at our 2014 early order program (EOP) survey shows the motivation, or the lack thereof, to participate remains largely unchanged.

(Art: LM archives)

(Art: LM archives)

We asked readers in our November 2014 issue to list their top reasons for and for not participating in EOPs. The answers remain largely unchanged from 2014 to 2021, thanks to data in our latest survey.

In 2014, the top reasons FOR participating were:

  1. Lock in current prices.
  2. Take advantage of early pay discounts.
  3. Earn extended payment terms.
  4. Earn rebates.
  5. Secure inventory early.

In 2014, top reasons FOR NOT participating were:

  1. I don’t like making my product selections that early.
  2. Other (responses included don’t buy enough quantity, unfamiliar with the programs, cash/credit concerns and storage concerns).
  3. It doesn’t make sense; I buy from too many vendors.
  4. I don’t see the savings.
  5. They’re too complicated.

Dan Gordon, CPA with Turf Books in Newton, N.J., told LM readers EOPs can offer good discounts, but only if they’ve thought through their cash situation. “You’re going through the worst part of the year, cash-flow wise, so you can get yourself into a situation where you could deplete your cash until you start again in the spring,” he said.

William Iddings, co-owner of Advantage Green Lawn & Pest Solutions in Summerfield, Fla., told LM in 2014 EOPs make sense for his business, adding, “We’re going to be buying these products anyway, so it makes sense to buy them in advance and get the discount.”

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