Robin Autopilot’s launches new fleet management platform

September 7, 2021 -  By

Robin Autopilot, a robotic mowing technology and robotics-as-a-service provider has launched its Fleet Console platform, a multi-manufacturer fleet management system that enables landscapers review the status of their robotic mower fleets, send fleet commands and track maintenance.

The modular design of the Fleet Console platform allows it to easily integrate with multiple makes and models of service robots, along with various field service software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Initially, the platform will be available with the following integrations:

In addition, Fleet Console will offer the following key features:

  • Dashboard of robot status
  • Notification history for every robot
  • Maintenance tracking of wear items
  • Efficient crew routing to all robots that need service

“For the launch, we chose to integrate with Husqvarna first because of the high quality of their mowers and their industry expertise as the leading manufacturer in the market,” said Hiten Sonpal, CEO of Robin Autopilot. “Before the start of next season, we will publish our own programming interface to support the integration of the next generation of commercial autonomous lawn mowers from manufacturers like Graze, Greenzie, and Scythe. In the near term, we also intend to roll out integrations to other field services software and CRM systems like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Aspire, LMN, Service Autopilot, Lawn Buddy and others.”

Robin’s Fleet Console is available immediately for all new and existing Robin subscribers. Existing customers can access Fleet Console, by selecting “Fleet” in the Aviator menu. New subscribers can contact Robin’s support team at 214-238-4552, extension 2, to sign up for a trial.

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