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Recommender: What’s the No. 1 design trend you’re seeing in the design/build industry?

September 19, 2023By
Expert says sawn natural stone steps are a modern alternative to natural outcropping. (Photo: Kafka Granite)

Industry pros share the number 1 design trend they are seeing in the design/build industry. read more

Recommender: What design software do you use and why?

June 18, 2020By
Design software (Photo: Vectorworks; illustration: fonikum/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

Design experts from various companies across the country. reveal their preferred design software of choice and explain why. read more

Using consumer financing to close sales

February 11, 2016By

How offering financing could help you close more, larger sales. Would you like to increase the scale of your clients’ projects, close more jobs and avoid having to track down payments? Offering consumer financing might be an option for you, say contractors who’ve walked that path. Here, two of them share their experiences. Company: Crimson Valley Landscaping, Rockford, Ill. Financing partner:... read more

OLA offers landscape design workshops

January 5, 2016By

The Ohio Landscape Association (OLA) is offering four workshops to help landscape professionals develop and strengthen design skills. Instructed by Kathy Stokes-Shafer, APLD, and Kevin O’Brien, APLD, these workshops offer attendees the opportunity to improve design abilities, boost confidence and gain the tools necessary to create better designs. Workshops will be held at Indiana Wesleyan University, located in Independence, Ohio.... read more

Case study: Staged to sell

March 12, 2015By
Photo: Schmechtig Landscapes

One landscape company helps clients sell their homes. As Michael Schmechtig observed real estate staging become popular and help sell homes, he got an idea. Buyers get their first impression of a home before they even get through the door—so why not stage the exterior? He put the idea in motion in 2010, when his company, Schmechtig Landscapes in Mundelein,... read more

Ep. 120: Subcontracting your design work

March 4, 2015By

Patrick DuChene of DuChene Design Solutions and Jody Shilan discuss the pros and cons of working with an independent designer for your company. DuChene and Shilan explain the concept of outsourcing your design work to an independent designer as opposed to hiring someone to do the work in-house. As an independent designer himself, DuChene pointed out that he is like... read more