Volt releases new path and area light

Photo: Volt Lighting
Photo: Volt Lighting

Volt Lighting, a factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products, released the Coachman LED path and area light, the company’s latest Estate Series light.

This post light features an LED candle in a traditional lantern. In addition, it provides general glare-free area illumination from a second, hidden light source.

Volt wanted to accomplish two goals with this new light, the company said. First, to re-create the look of a real candlelit lantern.

“The first goal required the invention of an ultra-realistic LED candle powered by the luminaire’s low-voltage current,” said Jesse Harper, product development manager. “The solution uses a candle with a bi-pin connector—a new Volt invention that allows for easy replacement of the candle if needed.”

The second goal was to provide sufficient illumination that satisfies the needs of safety and security.

“Second, to achieve area illumination, we recognized that it was impossible to provide this from the lantern itself,” Harper said. “Instead, we constructed a shield that extends below the lantern with an LED bulb attached inside. This shield has the same hexagonal geometry as the lantern, so it complements the overall design.”

The result of this configuration is that the projected area light has the same hexagonal shape as the six-sided candlelit lantern. This light also appears to have the same warm white color as the LED candle.

The LED lamps are made with the same color temperature, 2200 Kelvin, as light from a candle. This combination of the shape of the projected light and its color creates an illusion that the area light is from the candle—not from the hidden LED.


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