Werk-Brau attachment package boosts excavator productivity

Werk-Brau's productivity package boosts compact excavators (Photo:Werk-Brau)
Werk-Brau's productivity package boosts compact excavators (Photo:Werk-Brau)
Werk-Brau's productivity package boosts compact excavators (Photo:Werk-Brau)
Werk-Brau’s productivity package boosts compact excavators (Photo:Werk-Brau)

With a heavy-duty excavator bucket, main pin hydraulic thumb and D-lock coupler, Werk-Brau’s compact productivity package enhances versatility and productivity for compact excavators.

The package allows users to dig into virgin soil; move rocks, logs and debris; demolish structures and clear pipelines. A quick coupled D-lock coupler makes switching between attachments quick, safe and reliable. Standard bucket sizes range from 10 inches to 42 inches.

The heavy-duty excavator bucket uses T-1 steel in all critical or high wear components. Horizontal wear straps protect the bucket bottom. Tapered side plates and a dual taper radius reduce wear and make dumping easier.

The main pin hydraulic thumb aids handling and loading irregular-shaped objects, debris or rocks. With approximately 120 degrees of thumb rotation, it retracts against the stick and can be left on the machine during normal excavation. Thumbs are designed to work with existing OEM/factory cylinder mounts and match the bucket width and tip radius of the bucket it is being paired to. Two-, three- and four-tine versions are available. 

The D-lock coupler uses only six parts. An automatic front lock locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured. Multi-pin centers and multi-pin diameters allow the coupler to pick up all attachments in the same weight class. Its compact design improves machine performance. Having only two hydraulic lines simplifies installation according to the company.

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