What attachment is essential to your business and why?


recommender_1215Alex Fransen
President, Fransen Group
Louisville, Ky.
“Augers are huge for us because of the amount of trees and plant material we install. Excavators are great for our hardscape guys because they can dig out for a new patio or retaining wall. Snow pusher boxes are great for effectively and efficiently clearing parking lots of snow. I hate making a payment on something that I can only utilize for seven to eight months a year, so we use all these attachments on a skid-steer at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone machine. This is huge when making a large equipment purchase decision.”

Bryan Stolz
Chief Matrix Officer, Winterberry Gardens
Southington, Conn.
“The most essential attachment we use is the excavator thumb. When pulling out old trees and shrubs, it allows us to avoid using chokers. Without the chokers, we don’t need to keep a crew member in the area, freeing him up to do other work and reducing the likelihood of injuries. We also use it for placing boulders in plantings and for water features, again eliminating the choker and keeping our crews working safely and efficiently. Loading trees, slabs of concrete and pulling out stumps are all made much easier.”

Photo: Bobcat

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