AirSpade launches HT144 Shrub Gun

May 5, 2015 -  By
AirSpade's new HT-144 Shrub Gun

AirSpade’s new HT-144 Shrub Gun features an AirSpade supersonic nozzle and a 2-ft. barrel for enhanced portability.

AirSpade released its HT144 Shrub Gun, a compressed soil excavation tool designed to provide users with enhanced safety and productivity.

According to the company, the shrub gun uses compressed air to quickly and efficiently excavate soil covering roots and other underground objects without damage. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the HT144 features an AirSpade supersonic nozzle and a 2-ft. barrel, which allows for improved portability.

“The AirSpade HT144 is changing the way arborists, landscapers and gardeners care for plants,” said Thomas Tremblay, president of Guardair. “We recognized the need of our customers to provide a more compact AirSpade tool and the HT144 does just that. The growing season is a busy time for our customers. With AirSpade, they can get the job done easier.”

The HT144 operates at 60 cu. ft. per minute and can run on a compressor with as little as 15 hp or on a standard 185 cu. ft. per minute tow-behind unit, reported AirSpade.

Photo: AirSpade

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