Bahco adds extended reach pruning tools

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Pole saw set

Bahco introduced the new extended reach pruning tools, designed for users to safely and efficiently prune trees and tall shrubs.

According to the company, the new lineup of tools includes:

  • Aluminum Section Poles, featuring a lightweight aluminum base pole that can be extended with one or two sections to reach a height of about 23 feet.
  • Short Telescopic Poles, perfect for tree climbers and rope-assisted tree care. They feature a soft PVC sleeve for antislip grip and a reinforced end cap to avoid breakage of the pole when hitting the ground unexpectedly.
  • Pole Saws, which feature blades with Japanese toothing that remain sharp six to eight times longer and have hardened flexible teeth. The cut is on the pull stroke, which requires less effort, while the blade reduces friction and concentrates the cutting energy on the tooth edge.
  • Pole Hooks, ideal for pulling down sawed-off branches and guiding ropes high up in trees. The hook has a built-in carabineer hole and comes with an antirust zinc coating to prevent premature weathering.
  • Pole Pruners,¬†which provide a safe and easy cutting experience at height by eliminating the need for a ladder. The product features long-lasting sharpness and clean cutting with less friction from the special blade grinding process. It comes with a rope and handle.
  • A Pole Saw Set, containing one base pole, one extension pole, one saw adaptor and one pole saw. The set comes in a durable zipped polyester bag for easy transport and storing.
  • A Top Pole Saw Set, consisting of one base pole, one extension pole, one top pruner and one top pruner adapter. The set comes in a durable zipped polyester bag for easy transport and storing.

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