Intelligro: Civitas WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate

August 6, 2017 -  By

Intelligro: Civitas WEEDfree BRAND ConcentrateCivitas WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate is an affordable, fast-acting, hybrid selective herbicide with no offensive odor that gives lawn and landscape professionals the best of both worlds – efficacy and resourcefulness. The Microtechnology+ delivery system penetrates into weeds^ more efficiently, resulting in significantly less active ingredients required to kill weeds right down to the root.

Product availability continues to expand with its most recent approval in California. For more information, please visit

+Microtechnology signifies emulsion particles less than 1 micron.

^Important: Do not apply to Bentgrass and Floratam, a variety of St. Augustine grass. See full list of controlled weeds and use directions on peel away label.

*When compared to other pesticides containing/using these active ingredients.

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