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K-Rain unveils new 2-wire controller

August 10, 2020 -  By
SiteMaster controller (Photo: K-Rain Manufacturing)

SiteMaster controller (Photo: K-Rain Manufacturing)

K-Rain Manufacturing released its new two-wire irrigation controller, The SiteMaster.

The SiteMaster offers a 99 zone capability and is designed for large commercial, industrial and residential irrigation sites. The SiteMaster uses a single two-wire communication path and addressable decoders to control valves, pump starts and flow sensors, resulting in a higher zone/station capacity and decoders that can be placed at great distances away from the controller, up to 2.8 miles away with a fully loaded 99 zone system. In turn, this results in savings on wire and installation labor since all the valves share the same two wire path, according to the company.

“Easy set up and advanced diagnostics is what sets the SiteMaster apart from the pack,” said Josh Carmichael, K-Rain engineering manager. “For example, the decoder status screen is a quick and easy way to check outgoing and incoming signal strength of each decoder. And the interactive fault screen provides detailed information about an error and its location.”

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