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Kichler Lighting has announced its lineup of upcoming Certified Landscape Lighting Training Seminars. The two-day training courses enable landscape lighting professionals and irrigation contractors to elevate their skills, knowledge, credentials and marketability.

Attendees will discuss the basics of lighting installation, learn the differences between incandescent and LED systems, and discover how wattage and beam spread are selected. The courses also cover the fundamentals of electrical and voltage differences. In addition, contractors will learn about the benefits of the company’s energy- efficient Design Pro LED technology, including how to sell it, install it and how it can help grow their business.

The seminars are designed to help professionals advance or increase their number of services, and therefore increase their revenues, according to Ron Carter, Kichler’s corporate trainer and conductor of the landscape lighting training classes. “By teaching them how to do these jobs the right way, we improve their design skills and enhance their ability to troubleshoot and repair jobs when something does go wrong,” he said.

The Hands-On LED Landscape Lighting Installation course is a hands-on LED landscape lighting seminar for professionals who want to increase their knowledge and involvement with low-voltage LED landscape lighting. Participants will learn about the benefits of Kichler’s LED landscape lighting products, as well as complete the layout, design and installation of an actual LED lighting system. They will also receive instruction on troubleshooting and maintenance contracts, as well as tips for marketing their business. Dates for the two-day sessions include June 17–18, July 22–13, and Aug. 19–20.

The Advanced LED Lighting Design course features a full-day LED landscape lighting seminar designed for professionals wishing to improve the aesthetic designs of their landscape lighting installations. Participants will learn good and bad uses of light, how to determine wattage and beam spread, and the benefits of using LED in their lighting designs. It is offered with the Low-Voltage Troubleshooting/Maintenance course, a full-day seminar designed for installation professionals wishing to gain the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot and repair faulty systems. The course provides detailed instructions, case examples, demonstrations and interaction with transformers, circuit breakers, amps and more. It also teaches participants about setting up and selling maintenance contracts. Dates for the two-day sessions are April 23–24, May 21–22, Sept. 24–25, Oct. 22–23, Nov. 12–13, and Dec. 17–18.

The seminars are held at the company’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Register online or call Donna Milojevic at 216-573-1000, extension 6421, for more information.

Kichler Lighting’s landscape products include decorative path lights, accent lights, specialty items, transformers and accessories. They are available through authorized lighting distributors, landscape and irrigation wholesale distributors, electrical wholesale supply and independent lighting showrooms nationwide.

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