Moleaer expands nanobubble generator line

Moleaer launches Kingfisher, a new model in its nanobubble generator line that improves water quality, reduces odor-causing compounds and more.
Moleaer's Kingfisher nanobubble generator
Kingfisher, a new nanobubble generator model from Moleaer, launches for use in turfgrass markets. (Photo: Moleaer)

Moleaer expands its product suite with the launch of Kingfisher, a nanobubble generator. This new model incorporates four years of research and development, performance data and client feedback from the surface water treatment industry, and in particular, lake and pond management firms, according to Moleaer.

“The Kingfisher nanobubble generator works to protect our water resources by helping customers manage their ponds, small lakes, waterways and canals without chemicals and while using less energy,” said Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer.

The Kingfisher takes in air from the environment, compresses it through a generator and injects nanobubbles back into the water. This process enriches the water with oxygen and nanobubbles which form mild oxidants for disinfection and aids in restoring aquatic ecosystems sustainably without chemicals.

According to the company, additional benefits include:

  • Improvements in water quality and clarity
  • Increased dissolved oxygen at the sediment layer
  • Algae oxidization
  • Reduction of odor-causing compounds and midge fly habitats
  • Enhanced fish and ecosystem health
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