SnowWolf intros its QuattroPlowHD

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QuattroPlowHDSnowWolf introduced the QuattroPlowHD, a snow plow for heavy equipment, such as wheel loaders, tractors and backhoes.

A larger version of the QuattroPlow, the QuattroPlowHD provides the operator four distinct functions: hydraulic angle snow pusher, angle plow with wings, wide-angle plow with wings and back drag plow.

“We’re excited about applying the same technologies to a brawnier plow to give the same advantages to our customers who use larger machines for more extensive and challenging snow-clearing jobs,” said SnowWolf Co-CEO and Research and Development Manager Jerry Holman.

Operators can switch from one plowing method to another in seconds without leaving the cab, and no extra electric harnesses or controllers are required. The wings can be stopped mid-transition and can rotate 165 degrees.

The QuattroPlowHD is available in 10- and 12-foot lengths. When the wings are fully extended on the 12-foot plow, it’s 17 feet wide. The QuattroPlowHD’s moldboard is 38 inches tall, compared to the QuattroPlow’s 30 inches, and it weighs 280 pounds per foot, compared to 140 pounds per foot for the QuattroPlow.

Like all SnowWolf plow attachments, the QuattroPlowHD can oscillate up to 14 inches from level so the moldboard can follow contours of the ground and remain in full contact with the surface nearly 100 percent of the time, according to SnowWolf.

The QuattroPlowHD is a fully floating or full down-pressure system, depending on the conditions and the operator’s preferences.

Additional features of the plow include:

  • An interchangeable mounting system, complete with machine-specific hooks that connect to the host machine’s mounting plate;
  • A patented hydraulic smart valve giving operators complete control of the wings without removing their hands from the steering controls; and
  • 35-degree-angle tips on the wings to provide greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows caused by trickling from the ends of the plow.

SnowWolf’s manufactured hooks that connect to four different mounting plate styles include the three-point hitch mount, CAT-IT mount, CAT fusion mount and JRB mount.

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