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Specifix launches new AR app

November 20, 2017 -  By

Specifix’s AR app for flooring and pavers.

Specifix launched its new augmented reality (AR) app for flooring and pavers.

“We are excited to make this technology available to the paver industry,” said Jerry Freeman, president of Specifix. “We believe that this will simplify the way products are promoted, sold and purchased and elevate each experience.”

The AR app uses Specifix technology to overlay the actual product onto the live view of an iPhone or iPad in real time wherever the camera is pointed, allowing users to see what the finished product will look like before making a purchase.

Using the app, users can select hundreds of different pavers and colors, change the installation direction and share before and after images via email, including product specifications, installation method and other associated tags.

The AR product was designed to provide a sustainable footprint by limiting discarded materials, such as samples and printed literatures, according to Specifix.

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