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Financing FAQs, answered

January 29, 2021By
Stand-on mower (Photo: photovs/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Damien Matherne, CFO of Clean Scapes, and Ivan Giraldo, president of Clean Scapes, share advice for working with banks and dealers to finance equipment. read more

Profit Power: 5 levels of financial management

November 18, 2020By

There are five levels of financial management in the lawn and landscape industry. They range from terrible, poor, good, better to best. Where does your company operate financially? The following framework identifies where your company stands from a financial management perspective, and thus where you can improve. Level 1: Terrible — Unlucky results Companies that do only a year-end review... read more

Profit Power: Does your team have skin in the game?

June 20, 2018By

  Every company that’s attempting to operate with open book management has suffered some kind of financial downturn and is using transparency of their financials to help turn around their profitability. But is that enough? Before I answer that, here are nine best practices for sharing ‘open book’ financials in a systematic way. KISS: Keep it super simple, sharing the... read more

DynaScape to host free financial leadership webinar series

September 6, 2017By

DynaScape is hosting a free, three-part webinar series titled “Strategic Financial Leadership Webinar Series.” During the webinar series, attendees will learn about emerging technologies in the landscape industry and how to thrive with them, how to understand the financial principles to boost cash flow and explore strategies to survive the cyclical nature of the landscape industry. Landscape industry consultant and... read more

High Performance: Eliminating the cash crunch

February 10, 2016By

Managing a seasonal business often translates into regular cash crunches, as both revenue and expenses ebb and flow throughout the seasonal cycles—and not in unison. The good news is there are plenty of companies in our industry who have successfully conquered the seasonal cash crunch. What can we learn from these companies? First and foremost, they study their financials regularly.... read more

A/R: The keys to the kingdom

May 8, 2015By

Cash is king, and healthy accounts receivable (A/R) makes for a sustainable kingdom that promotes an environment of profitability and growth. A business that doesn’t have control of its A/R usually will have poor cash flow and trouble meeting its expenses in a timely fashion. It’s often also a sign there are other financial issues that will hamper growth and... read more