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The Andersons: Signify® DG Granular Fungicide

May 15, 2023By

Waiting until diseases strike is a recipe for disaster, resulting in unhappy clients and extra repair work. Preventative control programs act as a preemptive strike, more effectively and economically keeping diseases at bay. Lawn Care Professionals across the country trust Signify DG granular fungicide (0.31% Azoxystrobin + 0.75% Propiconazole) to provide broad-spectrum, systemic suppression and protection against brown patch, dollar... read more

The Andersons: Introducing Tricept™ 2.5 DG

April 6, 2023By

Featuring trifluralin (2.0%) and isoxaben (0.5%), Tricept 2.5 DG provides season-long pre-emergent control of more than 100 broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscape and ornamental areas. Tricept 2.5 DG is labeled for use around more than 600 ornamental species. This easy to spread granular formulation features Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology, which improves application and coverage. Learn more.  read more

Tips for successfully managing Poa annua in lawns

April 5, 2023By
Experts say Poa annua is a difficult weed for LCOs to manage because of its ability to adapt to adverse conditions. (Photo: Nufarm)

Experts share how a combination of cultural controls and application best practices can give you a leg up on this pesky weed. read more

The Andersons: 21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione

March 15, 2023By

21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione is a homogeneous starter fertilizer granule impregnated with Mesotrione herbicide. This unique combination is ideal for use during turf establishment, renovation or overseeding to control weeds while providing a high-quality starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and rapid establishment. As a 135 SGN granule, this product provides enhanced coverage and a more uniform application of both... read more

Best practices for tank mixing to ensure sprayers and spreader-sprayers success

February 28, 2023By
If objects get stuck in the tank system or if an operator leaves products in the tank for an extended amount of time, it will shorten the life of the pump and filters. (Photo: Turfco)

Experts share ways that lawn care operators can avoid issues by properly tank mix products to keep equipment running longer. read more

12 key messages from the 2022 LM Growth Summit

February 21, 2023By
Recently, 36 lawn care professionals from 26 companies across the country joined us at the 2022 LM Growth Summit, held at Reunion Resort near Orlando. (Photo: LM Staff)

36 lawn care professionals from 26 companies came to the 2022 LM Growth Summit in Orlando to meet 12 partners for collaboration, networking and education. read more