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TAG: The Benchmark

Confessions of a budget freak

October 14, 2013By

I am all about eliminating the guesswork we face in our businesses. Yes, I am a budget freak. Some of this stems from what my mentor, Emol Fails, Ph.D., instilled in me a long time ago. One such morsel was the construction industry is the second most risky business behind restaurants in the U.S. That doesn’t say much for us... read more

Get the best from managers

September 1, 2013By

I’ve had the recent pleasure of managing a client’s account management team for the last six months. I love it, but managing people who are in front of your customer is tough. It takes hard work and patience. The good news is this skill can be learned and refined with experience, but there’s a shortage of good management talent operating... read more

Coach for revenue growth

August 1, 2013By

In my last column I talked about the first function of a good sales manager—planning and prioritizing the salesman’s time. In this column, I address the second function of a sales manager—coaching for salesman effectiveness. I recently rode with a salesman on a call for a Class A Commercial opportunity. I always use the car ride to prepare for the... read more

Focus on the right stuff

July 10, 2013By

In the last several months in this space, Jeff Harkness, Kevin Kehoe and I have written about sales performance, margin generation (a sign of pricing and productivity) and, of course, my favorite, net profit. Why net profit, you ask? Well, in my mind there are two reasons we’re in business: profit and fun. Profit is our scorecard and the fuel... read more

Manage your capital, banker

June 17, 2013By

The big winners in 2013 and 2014 will be companies with access to capital. While the stock market is trading at all-time highs and the press is talking about economic recovery, let’s not forget we’re living in a higher tax environment and still have Obamacare costs looming. Remember: Net profit dollars drive your business and the costs mentioned above will... read more

Revenue growth: Closing more sales

May 13, 2013By

In my March column I shared financial benchmark data for sales growth as well as a list of best-in-class tactics that drove that sales growth. Here I address one of those tactics—sales management and the use of a customer resource management (CRM) system. Most high-performance sales companies employ a CRM planning and tracking system such as BOSS LM or read more