Techniseal debuts StructureBond

January 5, 2018 -  By

Photo: Techniseal

Techniseal, a manufacturer and distributor of products for the installation and maintenance of exterior surfaces, introduced StructureBond, a construction adhesive that bonds almost any construction materials, according to the company.

“StructureBond addresses many challenges that contractors consistently face when using traditional tube adhesives,” said Phil Graves, director of sales at Techniseal. “Because the product doesn’t dry up once opened, construction experts are finding that a single StructureBond can go a long way. Indeed, when properly stored, weeks can go by between applications. In the end, pros finally get to use every drop of adhesive they pay for.”

According to Techniseal, the foam formula contains less filling material than traditional tube adhesives, giving more space to the polyurethane and allowing StructureBond to easily penetrate porous materials such as brick and concrete.

The gun applicator is easy to use and offers contractors precise delivery with no mess and no waste, Techniseal said.

Photo: Techniseal

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