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Warm white holiday lighting (Photo: Christmas Decor)

Warm white holiday lighting tends to be a favorite among customers year after year. (Photo: Christmas Decor)

You now know the do’s and don’ts of holiday lighting, but we went a little deeper and talked to the pros—Josh Scearcy, vice president of business development for Brite Ideas; Brandon Stephens, president of the Décor Group, the umbrella company of the Christmas Décor brand; and Arnie Arsenault, president of A. Arsenault & Sons, the Spencer, Mass.-based franchisee of Christmas Décor—for a few more holiday lighting tidbits.

  • Traditional warm white lighting is always popular.“Warm white is traditionally our bestseller every year. In the past couple years, the cool white, the LED look, has slowly started to match up to it.” -JS
  • Bring a backup generator to the job site.“A generator would be just in case you get to the property and aren’t able to have power on the property.” -AA
  • Evergreens absorb more light than deciduous trees.“You have all different types of densities of trees and densities of canopies. Evergreens tend to absorb more light so to get the same impact, you want to add more light.” -BS
  • For shrubs and trees, go for random placement of bulbs, avoiding gimmicks such as net lighting.“We try to steer clear of gimmicks. We do the work. The net lights have even spacing but there’s still a pattern to it. We can look at a shrub and know that’s a net light. “ -BS
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