Western unveils new models, upgrades

March 4, 2016 -  By

Western Products, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of snow and ice control equipment, released the Tornado UTV hopper spreader and the Impact UTV V-plow. It also upgraded the Tornado Poly hopper spreader.

Designed for UTVs, the Tornado UTV hopper spreader features a multi-angled hopper, a quick-connect spinner assembly, transverse auger delivery system and a dual variable-speed control.

In addition, the Tornado UTV spreader is built with a standard inverted vibrating V for material agitation. A standard top screen helps break up large chunks of deicing material while loading and a steel frame with electrostatic powder-coated finish and a fitted tarp cover helps ice control material stay dry.

Also designed for UTVs, the Impact UTV V-plow features fully enclosed hydraulics and double-acting 1-inch angle cylinders that allow wings to operate independently or be locked for straight blade operation.

Additional features include a flared 6-foot powder-coated steel moldboard, reinforced with six vertical ribs; two control options, hand-held CabCommand or joystick; and two width settings.

Lastly, the upgraded Tornado Poly hopper spreader includes enhanced dual variable-speed control and the Fleet Flex electrical system.

Four standard accessory buttons and a dedicated blast button are designed to optimize in-cab efficiency, and a user-friendly LED display alerts the operator when the hopper is empty or needs adjustments, the company said.

“These new product features improve the efficiency and control of the Tornado hopper spreaders to help operators get more jobs done faster,” said Doug Clark, product manager for Western Products.


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