Profit Power: 7 steps to achieve a self-running landscape company

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Use Scott’s checklist of seven step to determine if your operation is a self-running company. Photo: Geithe

Staffing is a nagging issue that is slowing you down from fulfilling your true potential.

This is frustrating, because you own or lead your business with the dream that it will become a profitable investment and perhaps a leading company in the industry … one that will support your dreams, goals and lifestyle!

But if you can’t properly staff your business, your dream will never achieve liftoff.

Ironically, “better recruiting” is not the answer.

As the old joke goes, “you can’t get there from here,” meaning recruiting alone will not attract the best people nor build a great team.

Over the decades, I have discovered the secrets to building a self-running company; it requires these seven fundamental actions:

How well does your team implement these seven actions? 

Action 1. Attract career-minded employees, from the top down, so you can dampen the frustrations of turnover by building a super leadership team.

Action 2. Hug your new employees so they feel cared for and part of a team right when they come in the door and then proceed to engage them in career and pay growth right away. You know that onboarding is important, and career ladders are helpful; the key is to do this in the heat of the season.

Action 3. Cultivate a purpose-based culture that drives excellence, consistency and growth for everyone on the team. Bring your culture to life in a unique fashion so that you stand out from the competition and so that your company becomes the “go-to employer” in your area.

Action 4. Implement a systems way of life, with better people systems and better production systems, and do so with full employee buy-in so that your staff will follow your systems consistently and with passion.

Action 5. Invite your leaders to feel and act like owners of the company, empowering them with “ownership thinking” so that your company will be more self-run and poised for higher growth without you having to drive every decision.

Action 6. Cement your culture with open-book management and win-win incentives to achieve the highest level of engagement and the best profits.

Action 7. Embrace a pro-technology company by automating and improving your internal and external communication, be it for recruiting, reviews, sales, service, etc. In fact, embrace all forms of technology wherever you can apply them to gain a competitive advantage.

By implementing all seven, you will succeed at attracting and retaining the best employees. Recruiting becomes easier when you pull it all together and become a Destination Company.

Your challenge: Take this list to your team and grade your selves on a scale of 1-5 to see how well you execute these seven actions.

If you would like to learn how to put all this into place, you can join Jeffrey Scott for his one and a half day conference, Become A Destination Company, in the fun city of New Orleans on Jan. 15-16, 2020. Find more info here.

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  1. Jeffery excellent direction for leaders trying to build an organization versus a life style company… # 3-4-6 are the backbone of this list in my experience to truly fulfill. Thanks for sharing this valuable info… Best Mike.

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