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Profit Power: Better sales management with the 5 P’s

March 8, 2022 -  By

A common mistake many untrained sales managers make when they are promoted from salesperson to sales manager is to “under” manage their sales team, because they needed no management to succeed.

(Graphic: Jeffrey Scott)

(Graphic: Jeffrey Scott)

They were the best at what they did, they got promoted and now they have a brand new job to learn.

Many of these promotions fail because the new sales manager doesn’t have structure and processes to follow.

On the other hand, other sales managers try to prove their worth by “over” managing their team, inadvertently getting in the way, slowing down sales and demotivating their team.

Being a great sales manager requires knowing exactly what to manage; which is why I’ve designed five fundamentals to give you a good footing, the 5Ps of sales management:

  • Pipeline
  • Performance pay
  • Pricing
  • Profile
  • Proces

If you get all 5 Ps of Sales Management right, your chances of success are greatly multiplied. But if you mess these up and get these wrong, then no amount of luck or a good economy will save you in the long run.

To learn great sales techniques and powerful sales management processes, join me next Monday for my Virtual Sales Symposium.

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Jeffrey Scott

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