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It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has arrived. Everyone has worked so darn hard this year.

But what is Thanksgiving really about? It’s about our forefathers’ relationship with God, their fall harvest and the Native Americans helping us (as immigrants) survive and thrive.

We always talk about the natives helping us out. Do you know what Native Americans stand for?

Here is an inspiring quote about their value systems that exemplifies Thanksgiving.

“Native communities place a high value on social relationships. The needs of community were met through the efforts of all, and all were expected to contribute. Communities that hunted bison, or farmed, included all members in the task. Native people understood that many people working together could accomplish much more than individuals, and their cultures reflected this understanding. Because everyone was seen as a relative, everyone was responsible for everyone else.”

—From the National Museum of the American Indian

For me this represents the underlying meaning of Thanksgiving: team work, opening up my home, telling others “thank you” and helping those who can’t help themselves.

It’s also akin to reaching across the aisle and being open to others in our community who we don’t quite understand or see eye-to-eye with.

I love my work in coaching individuals and groups of entrepreneurs in my peer groups, because I meet people from all persuasions and I form bonds, find commonalities and build communities.

You can do the same this year: Build a stronger community in your company, in your town, in our industry.

We can all make our land a better place to live by reaching across the aisle (across the road, across the tracks) and extending a hand and learning a new point of view.

You will become smarter and better for it.

God bless everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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