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Profit Power: Partner-leadership trumps command-and-control

October 16, 2018 -  By


In today’s global economy, even the world of landscaping is being affected. The world has become more transparent and the rate of change has increased around us. To succeed in this fast environment, the leaders in your company need to have more control over their work environment and more authority to make decisions.

They need to have the power of a partner, so treat them like a partner and they will take more ownership.

For this partnership to work (between the CEO and their seconds in command), there are a few things your team needs from you as leader.

The most important thing is communication. Share with them where the company is going (strategically), how well the company is doing now (financially and according to goals) and your thoughts for future goals and actions.

This generally requires you to over-communicate, to remind them frequently where the company is, and how the company is doing. Update your “partners” on your newest thoughts so they are not left in the dark.

Good communication trickles down from the top, creates confidence and greases the cogs like a well-oiled machine. When your leaders are confident it shows in their performance. Infrequent or poor communication gums up the works and slows everyone down due to confusion and lack of clarity.

The next most important thing to give your team is role clarity. You have to constantly clarify your role vs. theirs. Why? Because as your company grows, things can change quickly. It is critical to remind you and your “partner” what his or her role is vs. yours. With clarity comes speed of responsiveness and decision-making. Your clients will appreciate this, and so will your employees.

Clarity at the top is like the sun coming out in the morning helping everyone see better. By constantly clarifying roles, and delegating authority, you are truly empowering your team.

Embrace partner-leadership, treat your seconds-in-command as partners and give them more communication and clarity of roles, and you will greatly increase their ability to perform and grow your company.

Jeffrey Scott is holding a two-day event in Atlanta in January on this critical topic. To learn more, visit the event page on his website: Effective CEO/COO(GM) Partnerships: The Power of Collaborative Leadership.

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