Rain Bird teams up with Flume to reduce outdoor water use

A combined system of Rain Bird controllers and Flume's water monitor will help homeowners detect leaks and adjust water use by zone.

Rain Bird and Flume partner on whole-home water management solutions for homeowners and water agencies to help achieve substantial water savings.

The new partnership will link Rain Bird’s controllers with Flume’s water monitor, allowing homeowners to quantify the savings generated by using Rain Bird’s Smart controller features. 

A pilot study conducted last summer equipped 70 homes nationwide with a Flume smart home water monitor and a Rain Bird Smart controller. Many of these homes reduced their outdoor water consumption by 25 percent or more, with many homes showing a 40 percent reduction in irrigation water use. 

The companies said the Flume monitor will be able to detect irrigation system leaks. The combined system will also measure water usage by irrigation zone to enable the user to adjust irrigation needs more accurately. These features will be available to the homeowner via each company’s mobile app.

“Up to this point, there were limited ways to measure irrigation water usage and the water savings created by the use of Smart controllers,” said Eric Adler, Flume co-founder. “But through our partnership with Rain Bird, we can measure actual irrigation water usage, not estimates, which gives a much more accurate picture of both real and potential water savings. It also offers the user peace of mind, as the two devices working together can detect irrigation leaks and even in what part of the irrigation system.

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