Recommender: Fungicides

June 12, 2017 -  By
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What fungicide is your go-to and why?

Jesse Smith
General Manager, Royal Greens
Frederick, Md.

“We don’t use a lot of fungicide products, but I’m very pleased with the results I get from Eagle and propiconazole. Both are spray fungicides and use low rates. It’s easy to mix up a backpack and go out and hit what you need to. They are labeled for both lawn and landscape, so I don’t have to carry a multitude of products. They also make for a good product rotation, which is important when dealing with disease.”


Zeke Cooper, PLA
Principal, Cooper Stewart Landscape Architecture; Grounds Manager, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort
Cherokee, N.C.

“That depends on what type of fungus you have and what type of material (turf, shrubs, etc.) it’s affecting. I wouldn’t suggest that any pesticide is an overall ‘go-to,’ as there is much more information needed to ensure you’re using the correct product and application.”


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