Recommender: Grub control products

Photo: Syngenta
Photo: Syngenta
Grub control products
Photo: Syngenta

What grub control products do you prefer and why?

Larry Taylor
Organic Turf Specialist, Natural Tree & Lawn Care
Avon, Mass.

“I use Acelepryn for my grub control. It tends to be a bit more expensive than the other products, but the low toxicity to humans and the fact that it doesn’t have any effect on pollinating bees helps to be able to sell the product to the client.”

Brian Wiese
Turf Manager, SunCo
Omaha, Neb.

“We currently use Merit as a preventive grub control in a combination product attached to slow-release fertilizer. We have been using this for the past seven or eight years and love it. Rarely do we ever have callbacks for breakthrough. It seems like grub activity is starting a little bit later in the past few years—mid-September into early October—and even applying this product in June, it still maintains its control.”

Photo: Syngenta

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