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Man versus nature: Diagnosing turf problems

June 30, 2020By
Grill that could cause possible turf damage (Photo: LM Staff)

When diagnosing turf problems, don’t blame a disease until all other avenues, such as man-made damage, are first considered. read more

Quali-Pro: Fahrenheit Herbicide

February 10, 2020By

Fahrenheit is a 38-percent water soluble granule herbicide for the control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in labeled warm-season turfgrasses. It can be applied in spring, summer and fall with temperatures above 50 degrees F. Fahrenheit’s easy to use formulation produces visible activity in seven to 10 days. Features and benefits: Profitability – A little goes a long way. This... read more

The benefits of combination chemistry herbicides

January 1, 2020By

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Quali-Pro‘s lineup of combination chemistry herbicides allows professionals to take the guesswork out of lawn care. Tune in to find out how these products can save you time and money. This video is sponsored content from Quali-Pro. read more

Quali-Pro: Negate 37WG Herbicide

December 24, 2019By

Quali-Pro’s Negate 37WG Herbicide is a unique dual powered post-emergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for weed control in Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. Sulfonylurea herbicides are effective at low use rates, making it a cost-effective choice. It provides the broadest spectrum of control within the ALS inhibitor class of chemistry. Negate is a low-odor formulation that’s excellent for commercial and public applications, with 25... read more

Quali-Pro: Simply Grow Together Early Order Program

November 4, 2019By
Graphic: Quali-Pro

Get next season started off with Quali-Pro’s Simply Grow Together Early Order Program. Quali-Pro is offering special incentives now through Dec. 6. Take advantage of the Simply Grow Together early order program for the biggest rebates. Promotion period for the Simply Grow Together Early Order Program is from Sept. 2, 2019 through Dec. 6, 2019. Order now while supplies last.... read more

Combatting hop cover

October 9, 2019By
Hop clover (Photo:

Lawn care operators can spot hop clover by its lemony-yellow flower and oval-shaped leaves that are grouped in threes. “Identification is the key,” says Jason Fausey, director of technical services at Nufarm. “Hop clover is often misidentified with common yellow woodsorrel, which also has a yellow flower but has heart-shaped leaves.” As hop clover is a true annual, lawn care... read more