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Quali-Pro: Simply Grow Together

November 8, 2022By

Quali-Pro® has been a leader in the development of innovative and post-patent formulations, offering professionals the industry’s widest array of active ingredients. Quali-Pro provides solutions for lawn care professionals, sports turf managers, and golf course superintendents that are backed by university research and a dedicated staff of professionals.  2022 QUALI-PRO EARLY ORDER PROGRAM INFORMATION Take advantage of Quali-Pro’s SGT early... read more

LM Gallery: October 2022

October 19, 2022By
(Photo: LM Staff)

A look at some of the names and faces the Landscape Management staff met from a few of the places where the team made its rounds recently. read more

Fire ant do’s and don’ts

July 19, 2022By
Fire ant mounds have many entrances, while other ants have a single, central entrance hole. (Photo: Quality-Pro)

Experts share tips to help pros keep red imported fire ants in check and how there are different strategies to take to manage this pest. read more

Solve Customers’ Problems, Grow Your Business!

June 15, 2022By

Spring has sprung in much of the United States and lawn care operators across the country face a myriad of problems. Four Quali-Pro professionals weighed in on problems across the country, and offered solutions so lawn care operators (LCOs) don’t have to stress. Learn more here! read more

How you can get a leg up on brown and large patch

June 8, 2022By
Experts suggest two fungicide applications in the fall, four weeks apart, to treat large patch. (Photo: FMC)

Despite sharing some commonalities, brown and large patch develop on different turfgrasses and require different treatment. read more

Do’s and don’ts of grub control

April 19, 2022By
Grubs can ruin a lawn by eating roots, causing browning and turf loss. (Photo: Quali-pro)

Grubs eat roots, causing the grass to wilt and increase the likeliness of turf loss but some experts share when, how and why LCOs can treat this turf pest. read more