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Syngenta’s Acelepryn Xtra insecticide now registered for use on lawns

August 28, 2023By

Two modes of action with this insecticide offer broader-spectrum control for grubs, billbugs, chinch bugs, ants and more. read more

Experts share how to properly identify and combat crane flies

August 23, 2023By
Crane flies spend most of their life cycle as larvae, leaving plenty of time to cause turf damage. (Photo: Ben MCgraw Ph.D.)

Learn what cultural controls and preventive applications will help you get ahead of this emerging pest. read more

Syngenta launches Compendium fungicide to combat a wide variety of turfgrass diseases

August 17, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Compendium fungicide from Syngenta offers LCOs one tool to help manage a variety of common turfgrass diseases. read more

Why there’s more to PGRs than meets the eye

August 15, 2023By
Lawn growth regulators reduce the frequency of mowing and create a healthier plant. (Photo: Henfaes/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

PGRs offer more than just growth regulation and reduced maintenance needs, according to these experts. read more

Unlocking the secrets of successful doveweed control

August 2, 2023By
Correct timing of preemergent herbicide applications is crucial for doveweed control. (Photo: Syngenta)

Learn how to scout and control this stubborn summer annual. read more

How to keep Pythium blight out of your turf

July 31, 2023By
For Pythium blight to take hold in a lawn, it needs three key factors: a susceptible host, the right environmental conditions and the disease to be present. (Photo: PBI-Gordon)

Pros in the industry share tips on how to identify and prevent the most common and destructive turfgrass disease. read more