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Syngenta: GreenTrust 365

October 21, 2019By

The path to savings just got easier to follow with the 2020 GreenTrust 365 Program from Syngenta. Beginning Oct. 1, you can earn rebates on the largest branded turf portfolio and put the savings straight back into your business. If you spend at least $5,000 on qualifying products from Oct. 1, 2019 – Feb. 28, 2020, you can lock in... read more

Smother out snow mold

October 9, 2019By
Snow mold damage (Photo: PBI-Gordon Corp.)

There are two types of snow mold that lawn care operators (LCOs) should be on the lookout for: pink snow mold, caused by the ascomycete fungus microdochium nivale, and gray snow mold, caused by two basidiomycete fungi, typhula incarnata and typhula ishikariensis. Take a look at a few ways to spot — and control — the persistent disease. Identification: Snow... read more

Dominate postemergent dallisgrass

October 7, 2019By
PRIME WINDOW Dallisgrass typically rears its ugly head the most in June, July and August. Photo: Syngenta

Manage dallisgrass, one of the most aggressive grassy weeds that lawn care operators face, with postemergent persistence. read more

Bug off: Treat and control billbugs

August 15, 2019By
Photo: Dean Mosdell, Syngenta

Technical managers from Syngenta and Nufarm share management advice for billbugs, one of the most widespread and damaging insects for turfgrass. read more

Reaping the rewards of plant growth regulators

June 26, 2019By

Plant growth regulators offer benefits beyond slowing the growth of turf and shrubs read more

11 experts discuss turf care innovations, predictions

April 23, 2019By

Ten lawn care chemical companies discuss the products that maximize efficacy and minimize environmental impact read more