Western rolls out new models, updates

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Western Products released an oscillating skid-steer mount, halogen headlamps a rotary broom and a liquid sprayer.

Oscillating skid-steer Mount

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60283_4b9ad7d4-2995-4a82-8f6b-b5379938023d_0Western adds a new oscillating mount option for the Prodigy and Pro-Plus skid-steer snowplows.

The mount, which attaches the snowplow to the skid-steer loader’s universal plate, features six degrees of side-to-side oscillation, allowing the plow to adjust to uneven terrain.

The new design of the mount also puts more control into the hands of the operator by using bucket hydraulics on the skid-steer loader to raise and lower the blade.

“We set out to make plowing easier and more effective for our skid-steer customers,” said Doug Clark, product manager for Western Products. “This new mount helps the operator do a better job in less time, which is always our goal.”

Nighthawk halogen headlamps

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60281_2f3ffe8e-780f-44ff-b350-f607b2a95ae4_0Western Products released the all-new Nighthawk halogen headlamps for its full line of truck snowplows.

Designed for increased visibility and safety, these new headlamps are 36 percent brighter and offer a 35 percent increase in high-beam distance compared to previous headlamps.

The Nighthawk headlamps feature an improved seal and Gore-Tex patch-protected vent to help keep moisture out of the casing.

“It’s no secret that snowplow drivers do most of their work in the middle of the night, ” said Doug Clark, product manager of Western Products. “We upgraded the performance, durability and even the look of our headlamps to help increase visibility, safety and quality of work for those out getting the job done. Plus, they look great.”

Impact UTV straight blade plow

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60282_4fd162d8-fe90-45b8-83fc-895b3308fc02_0The lighter Impact UTV straight blade plow offers easy-on/easy-off attachment and removable receiver brackets, allowing for greater ground clearance when the plow is removed, the company said.

Other features on the straight blade plow include a 6-foot powder coated, high-strength, low-weight, alloy-steel blade; four vertical ribs to reinforce the plow; a 5-inch steel cutting edge; and full-trip blade protection.

“UTVs don’t have to sit on the sidelines in the winter anymore,” said Doug Clark, product manager of Western Products. “This straight blade UTV plow—along with our other UTV products—gives our customers everything they need to equip their UTV for success in snow and ice control.”

RB-400 rotary broom and SS-120 liquid sprayer

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60284_af2f3274-1239-48cf-93df-d29474d072cc_0The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom is a combination sweeper and plow blade that helps remove heavy snow, while the centrally driven broom delivers an impressive, clean finish.

The rotary broom features adjustable rotation speed and adjustable down-pressure. The pivoting broom head also allows users to direct the snow trajectory exactly where they want it to go. Seven handlebar height settings, active-assist steering and 360-degree turning help assure user comfort.

The SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer is battery-powered and features a height-adjustable nozzle that sprays up to 4 feet wide and includes a spray wand for stairs, entryways and other hard-to-reach places.

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