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  • Seeing it through: A persistent approach to irrigation

    August 17, 2018By
    Photo: Bianco Landscape Management

    Over the course of two years, John Bianco worked patiently, yet persistently, with the property managers of a Mather, Calif.-based homeowners’ association (HOA) to upgrade 127 outdated irrigation controllers to smart models. The controllers he encountered on the property were anywhere from five to 20 years old, and none of them were in good working order. Bianco spent countless hours... read more

    From start to finish: Irrigation startups and shutdowns

    August 10, 2018By
    Man setting irrigation system

    For an irrigation system to run properly throughout the warm summer months, it’s important that it’s turned on and off correctly at the beginning and end of each season. No one knows this better than Tom Horn, president of All-n-One Outdoor Solutions in Jefferson City, Mo., and a trainer for Rain Bird. “The importance of a proper turn-on is to... read more

    Spiio releases second-gen sensor with smart controller integration

    August 1, 2018By

    Spiio released its second-generation wireless sensor, the SP-110, enabling a new data dimension for smart irrigation in the green industry. The SP-110 includes four sensors: soil moisture, temperature, light and nutrients. The sensor integrates with smart controllers, allowing for full automation. It comes with the highest possible IP grading (IP69K) making it exceptionally durable and it has a battery life... read more

    Smart Rain intros new controller and software platform

    July 2, 2018By

    Smart Rain, a partner of LawnButler, introduced a new controller and software platform. The company sells its products directly to property managers and contractors and uses a patented approach to predicative watering. Smart Rain’s controller is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular devices. It includes a 5-inch full color touch screen display and waterproof controller box. The controller is expansion-... read more

    IA gears up for Smart Irrigation Month, Irrigation Technology Tuesday

    June 27, 2018By

    Advancing its mission of “promoting efficient irrigation,” the Irrigation Association (IA) will once again celebrate July as Smart Irrigation Month. In its 14th year, Smart Irrigation Month serves as the showcase month to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in agriculture, landscape and turf irrigation. The association will kick off Smart Irrigation... read more

    Spray smarts: A look at sprayhead trends

    June 25, 2018By
    sprayhead. Photo: SiteOne

    Thirty-one billion gallons of water could be saved each year by replacing water-inefficient sprayheads with efficient ones, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates. It’s no wonder the irrigation industry has started to see more water-saving sprayheads entering the market. After all, experts say water savings and cost savings go hand in hand. “Ultimately, the customer is going to have a... read more