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High Performance: Get your team back into action

August 29, 2018 -  By
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This time of year always brings a sense of anticipation—of getting back into action after the summer months. As a student, it was all about stepping up to the next grade, new classes, new teachers, new friends and more. As a college football fan, it’s all about a new season, new players and hopes for a bowl game. And, as a business owner, it’s all about refocusing everyone’s attention now that the vacations are wrapped up and life is falling back into a normal routine. This is a time of year for getting back into action.

Start by reviewing your strategies, goals, objectives and plans for the year. There are still four months left in the year and they’re some of the best months for sales, renewals and profit taking. Are you on track to achieve what you planned? Where are you off track? What needs to happen? Who needs to do it? By when? It’s time to refocus and get back into action.

Meet with your key people to review their goals, plans and priorities. Get on the same page so there are no misunderstandings, no assumptions made and to keep everyone focused now that they’re back in action. Keep meeting on a weekly basis to maintain momentum and to address anything that needs to be handled. Anything that is standing in the way of meeting your goals for the year needs to be addressed.

In addition to keeping focused on finishing strong, this is also a great time of year to begin planning for next year so you can hit the ground running on Jan. 2. Plan your strategic planning sessions and make sure those involved have the dates on their calendars. It takes time to update your strategy, objectives, budgets and so on. Those who fail to get on top of this in the fall stumble into the new year without a clear plan. By the time they pull it together, it’s spring. Don’t fall into that trap. Now is the time for action.

It’s soon to be the fall season and I’m back in action. Are you?

Now go forth.

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